Marshall Acton Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Multiple Inputs

I’ve always loved music and that love of music led me to pick up a guitar when I was about 15 years old; I’ve been playing one ever since. These days my playing is generally restricted to a little practice in the home office and the occasional set around the campfire, but back in those days I had dreams of making it big, and that meant I had to have a Marshall amplifier. There were certainly other amplifiers to choose from, but Marshall was quite simply the one for me. That’s why I was really pleasantly surprised to find that Marshall now has a Bluetooth speaker of its own.

The Marshall Acton M-ACCS-10126 even looks like one of those classic amplifiers I pined for in my youth. The company is clearly trying to capitalize on their guitar amplifiers’ popularity with this model, and why not? It’s also a great-sounding speaker and it’s quite reasonably priced at about $300. That’s not a bad price to pay if you’re really into nostalgia as I am.

Classic Design

The reason this Marshall Bluetooth speaker caught my eye in the first place was because it took me back to a time I remembered fondly from my youth. It’s a pretty smart marketing gimmick and the great thing about this speaker is that they’ve included all aspects of Marshal’s signature look. This Bluetooth speaker looks like an amplifier that you can plug your guitar into. It’s got Marshal’s classic case style with its signature grill on the front, which any guitar fan will recognize. And, of course, it has the Marshall signature logo clearly displayed on the front of the speaker. If you’re the type of person who loves when they integrate modern technology with a classic look, you’ll be very pleased with this speaker.


One thing that was a potential concern about this speaker was the fact that any Marshall amplifier I’ve ever carried in the past had a little bit of weight to it; that doesn’t work so well when you’re looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker. Fortunately, though this Bluetooth speaker is designed with the look and feel of a traditional Marshall amplifier it is, in fact, fairly lightweight, weighing in at just less than 7 pounds. This doesn’t make it the lightest Bluetooth speaker on the market, but there are certainly heavier ones.

Classic Marshall Sound

Where this speaker system really shines is in the quality of the sound that it produces – as you might expect from a product made by the Marshall company. It simply sounds great. The speaker has a 40W output which produces a deep rich bass sound, and it’s just as good no matter what genre of music you’re into. If rock ‘n roll is your thing you’ll be satisfied with how it sounds coming out of this speaker, but you’ll be just as pleased using this speaker if you’re into classical music.

It’s All in the Details

As we noted above, the speaker has a classic Marshall look and feel to it, but they haven’t stopped there. You can connect your speaker with a 3.5mm input jack to the headphone jack on your smart phone or tablet using the cord that they provide – which is a reproduction of a standard guitar cord. It’s a really neat detail and once again it tugs at the heartstrings of anyone that really loves nostalgic pieces like this. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also a quality cord that will connect with any compatible device to produce top-quality sound.

Your Choice of Inputs

Along with the 3.5mm input jack that we mentioned in the previous paragraph, you also have a couple of other options for connecting your mobile devices with this speaker. You can connect via Bluetooth, which is probably the main choice for most of us these days, or you can connect via a more traditional RCA jack. If you have a high quality Blu-ray player, an Apple TV, or numerous other compatible devices, you can also connect this speaker via an optical connection as well; this is known for producing the best quality sound available.

Familiar Controls

Back in my teenage years when I was playing electric guitar, I just loved fiddling with the knobs on my amplifier trying to fine tune the sound to the perfect pitch. As it turns out, nothing much has changed – as an adult I continue to constantly fine tune the sound of my stereo syste,m searching for that ever elusive perfect pitch. This Marshall Acton speaker has built-in treble and bass knobs for controlling your sound and, as you might expect by now, they also have the classic Marshall look to them.

Not for the Beach

Probably the biggest problem with this speaker system is that it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery. To play this speaker you need a wall outlet, so you won’t be able to take it down to the beach with you. Also, it’s not designed to be used at long distances from your smart phone or tablet – if you’re standing 50 feet away, chances are the speaker system will lose its signal. This is a speaker that’s designed to be used close to your home and close to your device.

I Want One!

If you’re looking for a speaker with great sound and you’re into nostalgia, the Marshall Acton Bluetooth speaker is a great addition to any home. If, on the other hand, you’re more concerned with finding a highly portable device which can be taken anywhere, this is probably not the speaker for you. For me, I could definitely see myself with one of these.

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