JBL Charge 2+ Splash Proof Bluetooth Speaker

We’ve reviewed quite a few products from JBL on this site and the reason for that is simple – they make some great Bluetooth speakers. In fact, they have speakers in just about every price range, so no matter what your budget, chances are there is a JBL speaker for you. The great thing about an inclusive company like this is that they’ve made every effort to manufacture products that will appeal to all consumers, which has a tendency to inspire brand loyalty among their users.

This time we’re looking at the JBL Charge 2+, which is another great option in their product line. While the Charge 2+ isn’t necessarily what you’d call an entry-level speaker system, it is still very affordable. The average price for this product is about $150, which makes it a great choice for a birthday or Christmas present.

Safe around the Kids

In the summer our kids love to get outside and hop in the pool or play in the sprinkler – just like most other kids. The problem I have with my existing Bluetooth speaker is that it’s not waterproof; every time the kids start splashing excessively I get just a little bit nervous. That’s why I was happy to see that the Charge 2+ is splashproof, so that you don’t have to worry about the kids ruining your speaker just because they’re having a little fun.

Great Range

For a very affordable speaker this one has great wireless range. Once you’ve connected your Bluetooth-enabled smart device to your speaker you can get up and walk around with your device in your pocket and not have to worry about the music’s quality becoming degraded. That means you don’t have to move the speaker just because the party has moved to a different section of your yard. You can just set it up in one place and leave it there for the evening.

You Always Know When It’s Charged

This truly is a portable speaker in every sense of the word. It has a built-in rechargeable battery which will last you several hours on one charge, and when it is time to charge the battery you’ll know it by looking at the battery indicator on the top of the device. One of my biggest concerns with Bluetooth speakers has always been knowing when to charge them – so it was a real comfort knowing that this one has a built-in indicator that takes the guesswork out of things.

A Convenient Charger

If you’re out at the beach with this Bluetooth speaker and you don’t have anywhere to charge your smartphone, you can simply plug it into your speaker. This is a great added bonus which I can really see myself using. For better or worse, we use our smartphones nonstop these days and it doesn’t take long for the charge to run low. There’s nothing more irritating than seeing that low battery warning on your phone and having nowhere to charge it. This probably isn’t a feature that would convince me to buy the speaker one way or the other, but it’s a nice added bonus nonetheless.

Great for Conference Calls

When you’re out in a social environment there are lots of occasions when you want to share your conversations with the people that you’re with. The JBL Charge 2+’s built-in speakerphone capability lets you manage your calls through the speakerphone and allows everyone in the room to participate in the conversation. The call quality through this speakerphone is just as good as the sound quality when you’re using it as a music player.

A Few Problems

Unfortunately, there are a few issues that customers have come across while using this speaker model. One complaint that seems to come up on occasion is that the bass sounds are not as impressive as some other Bluetooth speakers. Personally, I love deep, rich bass sounds, so this is potentially a deal breaker for me.

Another issue that I found a little disappointing is the fact that this speaker doesn’t have an auxiliary jack. The Bluetooth speaker I have now does have one of these and I’m a fan of this option because it allows me to plug it into older devices if I want to; the fact that this JBL speaker is missing this feature is another disappointment.

One other thing that the speaker is missing are tone controls – there’s no bass control, there is no treble control, and there’s no equalizer either. I’ve always been one that enjoys tweaking the sound of my music, and once again I was disappointed to find that it’s simply not possible with this speaker system.

A Little Disappointed

First of all let me say that this speaker, by all accounts, produces great sound quality and that may be enough for some people. I also liked the fact that it’s splashproof and will let you charge other devices when you’re away from home. What I didn’t like was the fact that it doesn’t have an auxiliary port and it doesn’t have any type of tone controls either. The product is certainly a great option, but I’d love to see them at least add the auxiliary port on their next model.

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