Aiwa Exos-9, with 200 Watts of Power

All Bluetooth speakers are not created equal, but it’s not an easy task trying to sort through the array of choices to find the perfect sound system for your home. It’s also not a decision you want to rush into, as a great soundtrack to your social gathering can really make the party. The best thing about a Bluetooth speaker system is that you can really mix things up by playing music not only from your own collection, but also from the collections of your friends and family via their smart phones. Gone are the days when we had to dig through our CD collection while the party suffered through an awkward silence as we made the change from one CD to another.

If you’re willing to spend a little bit of money the Aiwa Exos-9 Bluetooth speaker system is one that you definitely should be considering. This is a powerful speaker that can hold its own against some of the best home stereo systems. You can expect to pay around $300 for this one.

Tons of Wattage

I remember as a teenager how many times our conversations turned to the wattage of our stereos – the higher the wattage the higher our status seemed to be within the group. It may seem like a silly teenage comparison, but as adults we are still excited by a powerful speaker system, even if we don’t outright admit it. The Exos-9 has a powerful bass produced by 200W of raw sound that will bring any party to life. If I had one of these 25 years ago I would’ve been the idol of my teenage compatriots.

Driven to Produce Great Sound

If you are wondering how Aiwa is able to produce that kind of wattage in a compact Bluetooth speaker system you need look no further than the five drivers that are built into the system. It has two tweeters, two midrange drivers, and a subwoofer to provide pounding bass. Essentially, it has everything you need to experience a full range of sound even at higher volumes. If you’ve ever listened to a cheaper Bluetooth speaker you may have noticed some issues when certain songs play – that’s because these types of speakers don’t have enough drivers to handle the range of sound that music can produce. This system can handle pretty much any type of music you play on it.

The Life That Lasts for the Party

How much battery life you should demand from a Bluetooth speaker really depends upon individual needs, but in general if you have a speaker that’s designed to last for at least five hours without recharging, you should be okay for most social gatherings. This speaker by Aiwa is designed to last for eight hours – more than enough for most needs. I have been involved with some epic parties in the past that pretty much went all night, but these days a speaker that remains charged for up to eight hours will certainly outlast me and my friends.

Great Bluetooth Options

Perhaps the most important thing for any Bluetooth speaker is that it has a good enough range that you don’t have to have your smart phone or tablet right next to the speaker in order to get crystal clear reception. The whole point of a Bluetooth speaker system is that it’s supposed to operate wirelessly and do so even when your device isn’t right next to the speaker. In this area this speaker performs admirably. It has a wireless range of up to 50 feet and, while there may be speakers with greater range, this is more than enough for most people’s needs.

Another great feature of this Bluetooth speaker system is that you have more than one type of pairing option. You can pair your device in the traditional manner by pressing the Bluetooth button and then finding the device on your phone or, if you have a smart phone that is NFC-enabled, you can pair your device with the speaker by tapping the two products together.

Great Sound Control

One of my favorite features of any stereo system is the graphic equalizer, but unfortunately most Bluetooth speakers don’t have this type of functionality – that’s why I was somewhat excited to find out that this speaker does. In fact, the Aiwa Exos-9 has a 5-band equalizer with four presets. Every song has its own particular nuances; with a built in equalizer you can constantly make adjustments as your music plays to suit any particular song.

This Thing Is Heavy

Probably the biggest drawback of this speaker system is that it’s not what you’d call truly portable. It certainly won’t fit in the palm of your hand and it’s not light enough that you’ll want to lug it around everywhere. This speaker weighs in at about 13 pounds; while that’s not too much for most people to lift, it is a bit awkward to be moving around all over the place. With a speaker like this your best bet is to find a good location for it before the party starts and leave it there for the duration.

All That Wattage Is Hard to Ignore

While it’s true that this speaker is a little heavy, that’s because it’s got five built-in drivers and is able to produce 200W of pounding bass. It’s also nice to know that it comes with a 5-band graphic equalizer that lets you tweak your sound until you’re satisfied. With these types of built-in features, along with the top quality sound this speaker produces, I’m sure I’d probably be willing to put up with a little extra weight.

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