I’ve had a lot of stereos and musical equipment over the years and most of it has included some way of adjusting the sound output to match my own personal listening tastes. Most of us have replaced our home stereo systems and boomboxes with some sort of Bluetooth setup these days, but that doesn’t mean we’ve given up on the idea of being able to control the sound of our music. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Bluetooth speakers on the market that simply don’t provide you with a lot of options.

If you’re willing to pay a little bit more you can find some Bluetooth speakers with some extra features that will allow you to control the musical output in order to enhance your listening pleasure. Pressing play on your speaker may be good enough for some, but it’s not good enough for everybody.

What Exactly Is an Equalizer?

One stereo I had more than 20 years ago looked like something NASA would’ve produced. It had a built-in equalizer with numerous knobs for making slight adjustments to the sound quality, and needless to say at the time I thought it was absolutely awesome. These days this type of device has been largely replaced by built in equalizers with digital displays. They still function the same way, though – by adjusting an equalizer you can make subtle adjustments to the tones of your musical output making it more satisfying to the ear.

An equalizer is not an essential component of a Bluetooth speaker – there are plenty of great Bluetooth speakers on the market that do not have an equalizer function. The great advantage of this type of feature, though, is that you can make minor tweaks when you feel it’s necessary. If you’re not as picky as I am about your music you may not feel this is necessary, but for the rest of us this is an essential component we’re definitely looking for in a Bluetooth speaker.

Adjusting the Treble

In modern Bluetooth speakers the physical EQ components have been replaced, as we’ve already mentioned above, but what they’ve been replaced by is a lot of sophisticated software that does the same job with a lot less effort. Our ears can hear a different range of sounds, but some are louder than others. One of those sounds is the treble in your songs – the sounds at the higher range of human hearing. If the treble in a song isn’t adjusted properly, what you can end up with is a high-pitched sort of squealing noise that’s very unappealing to the ear. That’s why it’s a great thing to be able to adjust this frequency to suit your own needs.

The Bass Is Important Too

The other main frequency that most equalizers allow you to adjust is the bass. These are the tones that give a song that deep, pounding rhythm – the drum sounds and that type of thing. If you’re a big fan of the bass you’ll want to make sure that it’s adjusted properly or you can also end up with a very distorted-sounding song. If you can get the bass just right your music will sound powerful and will probably get you up out of the chair and dancing along to the beat – there’s nothing like listening to music how it was meant to be listened to.

Bringing It All Together

It isn’t always easy bringing the balance together and finding that perfect sound, but it’s quite satisfying when you do. Personally, I think an equalizer is something that you should be looking for when you’re purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, if at all possible. Normally, speakers with these built into them are a little more expensive; if that puts them outside of your price range you shouldn’t be too concerned, as you can still find a great-sounding Bluetooth speaker without an equalizer.