When you’re choosing an audio system for your personal use there are a number of factors you want to look at when determining what’s right for you. You’ll want to ask yourself if you really need a wireless system? If I choose a wireless system, is Bluetooth or Wi-Fi better for my purposes? What type of range am I looking for? There are probably many other questions you can think of that might be applicable and it’s important to look at all of them. Before you decide on whether or not a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi system is better for you, it’s a good idea to understand the difference between the two.
There really are some fundamental differences between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology – it’s not that one is better than the other, it’s just that they both work well for different purposes. In this article we take a look at some of the key things you should be looking at such as range, limitations of each technology, and when you might use one over the other.

Understanding Wi-Fi

As you probably know, Wi-Fi is the system you use to connect your home network – it connects your tablets, your smart phone when you’re at home, and of course your laptop. For this system to function you need a router connected to the Internet that then shares the signal with all of your devices around the home. Your speaker system won’t need to connect to the internet – it’s just that it taps into your existing setup. The great advantage of this technology is that it’s available anywhere in the home and it doesn’t matter if there are walls in the way or any other physical barriers, as the signal is not limited by such things. There are quite a few speakers that can connect to your Wi-Fi system and we’ll discuss the benefits of such a system a little later on.

Understanding Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology works a little differently. It’s a way for two devices to connect together and doesn’t require an Internet connection at all. As long as the two devices are in range of each other they can communicate with each other and perform various different functions. Bluetooth technology is not as adept as Wi-Fi at connecting multiple devices and that’s probably one of its main limitations. If you’re wondering why anyone would choose a Bluetooth speaker system over a Wi-Fi system when Bluetooth is limited in the number of devices that can connect to each other, we’ll explain this below.

The Most Versatile Home-Based Solution

When it comes to a stereo system for your home that you don’t intend on taking with you on the road at all, Wi-Fi is probably the best solution. When you use a Wi-Fi connection, as we’ve mentioned above, you can connect to your entire network and you can also connect as many speakers as you want. That means you could have a couple of speakers in your living room, a speaker in your bedroom, a speaker in the kitchen, a speaker on the patio, and even a speaker in the bathroom. As long as your music player is connected to your home network you can broadcast the signal anyw,-Fi is clearly the better choice.

The Best Travel Solution

After our explanation of the benefits of Wi-Fi above you might already be thinking that you’re best to go looking for a Wi-Fi speaker system, but not so fast – it depends on where and when you plan on listening to music. If you do listen to your speaker system at home, but you also spend a lot of time on the go and want to be able to take your music with you, Bluetooth is not only the best solution, it’s the only solution. A Wi-Fi network will only have a maximum range of about 150 feet from your home – it’s not going to do you much good if your 20 miles away at the beach.

As we’ve alluded to above, Bluetooth does not depend on having an Internet connection close by – all you need is two Bluetooth-enabled devices such as your smart phone and your Bluetooth speaker. If you want a versatile speaker system that will work both at home and on the road, a Bluetooth speaker is the best option.

Choosing Your System

Most people want a versatile solution that will work both at home and on the road, which definitely gives Bluetooth the edge. There are speaker systems that include both technologies and if you can find one of these systems in your price range it’s definitely the best solution, as both have clear advantages over the other. Both types of speakers will provide you with a great audio experience – the bottom line is that you simply have to choose a solution that works for you.