In a couple of our informational articles on this site we’ve already looked at a lot of great features that Bluetooth speakers often include, but quite a few Bluetooth speakers also include some unique features these days that don’t really have a lot to do with how the speaker functions – they just add a bit of a cool factor. If you’re a gadget guy like I am you may find these types of features a lot of fun, if not entirely necessary. In my opinion, if you can find a piece of technology with some added bonus features that don’t add a lot to the price of your systems, why wouldn’t you go for it?

Some of the added features that are included in Bluetooth speakers these days may surprise you. There are speakers that provide a great light show as you listen to music, there are speakers with built-in flashlights, and there are even speakers that levitate. Some of these features may be gimmicks, but they’re certainly a lot of fun.

Turn on the Strobes

One of my favorite extra features that you sometimes find as part of the package in a Bluetooth speaker system is a built-in light show. This is normally in the form of LED lights or speakers with a backlit display that pulsates to the music as your songs play, re-creating the atmosphere you might find at your favorite nightclub. There are quite a few different models that include this type of feature and we’ve even reviewed one or two of those on this site. I remember in my university days I had a roommate with a strobe light he pulled out every time we had a little party in the dorm – everyone loved it. With that function built right into your speaker system there is no need to pull out that bulky strobe light anymore.

Light Your Way in the Dark

When I came across a Bluetooth speaker with a built-in flashlight during my research for this site I thought it was a little odd, but the more I thought about it the more I realized it made sense. It’s the perfect complement for that backyard barbecue or for your next camping trip. I’m a firm believer in packing as lightly as possible when camping so that you’re not weighed down with unnecessary items. I went on a canoe trip a couple of years back and packed up everything I thought I needed in my backpack, and regretted every minute of it. When you’re portaging with a canoe you quickly realize that it’s best to minimize the number of items you take with you on such a trip. If you can’t live without your music and you want to take a flashlight with you as well, why not combine them in one package? It just makes sense.

Uplifting Sound

Without a doubt the most unique feature I found while looking at the various Bluetooth speakers available on the market today were speakers that actually levitate – what a concept!. There are actually a couple of different models on the market with this type of design and they’re quite simply a lot of fun. Do they add any real benefit to your sound experience? Probably not, but there’s no doubt that they’ll be the focal point of any party. You don’t want to sacrifice sound for gimmicks, but as long as the sound coming out of that little levitating speaker is up to par, it’s a great way to get the party rolling. When you’re at a social gathering with a lot of people you don’t know, it’s sometimes difficult to get past the awkward silence and this is definitely one great way of doing it.

There’s Nothing Wrong with a Little Fun

The added features we’ve talked about above do not add any clear advantages in the sound quality of a Bluetooth speaker system, but they’re certainly great talking points. If you can add a flashlight to your Bluetooth speaker, or include a built-in light show without much extra effort then I consider it an added bonus. Don’t get me wrong, when you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker system I wouldn’t go out of my way looking for these types of items, but I wouldn’t dismiss them out of hand either.