Bluetooth Speaker Reviews Under $100

Elsewhere on this site we’ve looked at some great Bluetooth speakers already and we’ve even pointed you in the direction of some great speakers under $50, but if you’re willing to spend a little more without breaking the bank there’s a lot more quality available in the $50-$100 price range. In this price range you’ll find it all from powerful bass to impressive options – there really is something for everyone.

On my personal quest to find the best Bluetooth speaker for my family’s needs I’ve scoured a lot of websites and looked at a lot of reviews. What I’ve found has truly surprised me – the choices are simply mind-boggling. It turns out there are quality choices in any price range. What separates speakers at different price ranges usually isn’t the quality of the sound per se – it’s more about how capable they are of extended sound range. Once you start looking at speakers over $100 your choices really open up.

8 Great Speakers

I’m no more of an audio expert than anyone else that’s visiting this site, but now that I’ve done my homework I’m more than happy to pass what I’ve learned along to you. In keeping with that philosophy I’ve reviewed some of my favorite speakers below $100 and I’ve made every effort to do it in language that makes sense to everybody. I think by sticking with plain language these reviews are a lot more useful to everybody. Here are my top 8 picks for Bluetooth speakers under $100.

Best Floating Bluetooth Speaker

MUSIC ANGEL Levitating Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

We want a Bluetooth speaker that sounds great, but that doesn’t mean were not looking for something unique and visually appealing. If you’re looking for all of these things there’s probably no better option than the Music Angel Levitating Bluetooth Speaker. This amazing little device not only broadcasts amazing sound quality via Bluetooth, it’s also one of the most visually appealing speakers on the market today. This Speaker actually has a built-in levitating ball that hovers in the air above its base – talk about high-tech!

Speakerphone Ready

As well as being a great little speaker, this model also moonlights as a speakerphone. As long as it’s connected to your smart phone via Bluetooth you can simply tap on the phone button on the top of the unit to connect or disconnect your call. It’s actually an easier way of answering calls then fiddling around with your smartphone and the sound quality is excellent. Be careful though, if you’re having a party your guests may not be too happy if you interrupt the music to make a call – unless of course you involve them in the conversation!

3-D Surround Sound

Another bonus of this levitating speaker is its circular design that pumps out sound in all directions – in fact, you can actually make the central orb spin. What this means is that no matter where you’re standing in a room, or on your patio for that matter, you’ll be able to experience great sound at all times no matter where you’re sitting. This 3-D surround sound technology gives the speaker system an edge over many of its competitors.

Best Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker

DEWALT DCR006 Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker

When you want to take your music to work you will have to consider the environment you’re working in. If you work outdoors on construction sites or in any other messy environment, the DEWALT DCR006 Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect choice. This Speaker is rugged and durable, making it ideal for handling the harsh environments it may sometimes be exposed to on the jobsite. That doesn’t mean you have to accept poor quality music, as the level of sound that this speaker is capable of putting out is as good as any other speaker in this price range.

Extended Range

One of the most important considerations for any speaker you’re going to use on a jobsite is how well it does at an extended range. While you’re busy working you don’t want to have to worry about moving the speaker every few minutes to make sure you stay in range. That’s not a problem with this DeWalt model as it has an extended range of up to 100 feet; that’s more than likely adequate for most people’s purposes and it definitely gives the speaker an edge over the competition.

Lightweight and Portable

Just because you’re using a speaker on a jobsite it doesn’t mean that you want to have to deal with something bulky and heavy. This speaker combines durability with a lightweight construction; that makes it easily portable, giving you the freedom to move it whenever you want. At just under 3 pounds anybody can move this speaker with very little effort. It doesn’t have a handle, but at such a light weight that isn’t a major concern.

Best Speaker with Two Bass Radiators

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers TaoTronics 20W Boom X Premium

If you love a speaker with deep bass sound then you’re definitely not alone. There’s something about a song with a booming bass track that makes you feel alive, but you need a great speaker if you’re going to be able to experience the true effect of those great bass lines. The TaoTronics 20W Boom X Premium is a speaker that’s ideal for taking advantage of your favorite bass tracks. With this speaker you’ll hear your favorite songs as they were meant to be heard.

Driven by Bass

The reason that this speaker has such great bass sound is because it has two 10 watt speakers and two bass radiators that create a deep rich sound. A Bluetooth speaker is only as good as the quality and amount of drivers inside its box, and with four built-in drivers the Boom X Premium is designed to give you the sound you’re looking for. Don’t worry, though – if you’re listening to a song where bass isn’t the central theme this speaker will still provide you with a great listening experience.

Take It with You Anywhere

This speaker’s portable in every sense of the word. It has a built-in lithium-ion battery which enables you to cut the cord and take it with you anywhere. It’s also got great range – you can put the speaker anywhere and, as long as you’re within 33 feet of the unit, you’ll still be able to listen to your music without any interruptions. These features wouldn’t be a lot of good if the speaker wasn’t also lightweight, but that’s not an issue either, as this speaker weighs in at about 1.9 pounds.

Best Bluetooth Tower Speaker

AR+SOUND AR1004 38″ Bluetooth Tower Speaker With Ambient Blue-LED Lights

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that’s perfect for using around the home, a tower speaker is a great option – the AR+SOUND AR1004 with its excellent quality sound is available for under $100. The unique tower design allows the manufacturer to include large powerful speakers while still taking up very little room. The speaker is compatible with all types of Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops, so no matter what type of device you’re using it will work with this speaker.

A Tower of Power

The great thing about a tower speaker is that it can contain larger speakers than you’ll find in most Bluetooth speaker systems. It may not be the most portable device, but if you’re looking for the best sound possible in a home-based system, a tower speaker does the job perfectly. This one includes four separate large speaker drivers that provide a sound quality that is simply one of the best you’ll find in any speaker priced under $100.

Start the Light Show

While there are other great tower speakers on the market, they don’t have the unique ambient blue LED lights that this speaker has built into it. As your favorite songs play you can dim the lights and watch the light show as the speakers actually pulsate with light with every pounding bass track. There’s nothing quite like bringing perfect sound and light together – it makes for a very entertaining night. You may not want to have a light show every time you listen to music, but not to worry – you can turn this feature on and off if you want to.

Best Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Equalizer

VAVA Voom Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I consider myself to be a bit of a tinkerer – I like to fiddle with things and fine-tune them till I’m satisfied with their settings. That’s why the VAVA Voom Portable Bluetooth Speaker makes this best-of list. With this speaker you can refine the sound of your music until it matches your own personal tastes, although that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to satisfy the ear of every guest at a social gathering. As much as you’d like to, you can’t please everybody all of the time.

Fine-Tune Your Sound

The reason that you can fine-tune your sound with this speaker is because it has a built in equalizer – this means you can adjust the bass and treble until it sounds right to your ear. There are other Bluetooth speakers with built in equalizers, but not as many as you might think. This speaker actually has three different EQ modes that you can use to tweak your sound until it’s absolutely perfect. With a little bit of consultation with your guests at your next social gathering, you can probably come to some agreement as to what sounds best to everyone’s ears.

5 Drivers

While more isn’t always better, it is in this case. This Bluetooth speaker has five separate speaker drivers that combine to create a surround sound experience that will leave you feeling extremely satisfied. There are two passive radiators at the back, two 5 watt drivers at the front, and a large 10 watt subwoofer at the front as well. With that combination of drivers, what you get is a powerful sound with deep driving bass and excellent mid-level tones. In fact, the quality of sound produced by this speaker will really surprise you when you consider the cost of the unit is less than $100.

Best Speaker with Loooooong Battery Life

SHARKK® Boombox Bluetooth Speaker 18+ Hour Battery Life

When you picture a shark you picture something that’s at the top of the food chain, with no natural predators and an uncanny knack for demonstrating its superiority time and time again. The SHARKK® Boombox Bluetooth Speaker may not be as adept at swallowing the competition as its namesake is, but it certainly has some features that help it to rise above other competing products in the same price range. A shark is an apex predator and this speaker has to be considered one of the best in its class as well.

It Will Last Longer Than Your Party

There are lots of different Bluetooth speakers on the market with impressive long lasting lithium-ion batteries, but this speaker will outlast almost any of them. With the volume set at a reasonable level, the battery life can be as long as 18 hours or more – that’s highly impressive and much more than most competitors. On average, most speakers will last between six and eight hours before they require a recharge. That means the Boombox Bluetooth Speaker by Sharkk has one of the best rechargeable batteries on the market today.

Clarity of Sound

The other great thing about this speaker is its clear and crisp sound. No matter at what volume level you’re listening to the speaker, it always sounds crystal clear. That probably has a lot to do with its 10 watts of sound produced by its two 5 watt speakers. That’s enough wattage to fill most average-sized rooms and these speakers will do a great job on an outdoor patio as well. There’s nothing more annoying than your favorite song playing and you can barely understand the words because of distortion due to a poor-quality speaker. That’s not a problem with this model.

Best Speaker with Convenient Carry Handle

Karnotech REMAX Bluetooth Speaker

As much as I like Bluetooth speakers, they can often be a little awkward as most of them don’t have a convenient way to carry them. There are some that will fit in the palm of your hand, making this a bit of a moot point, but for anything that’s a little bigger than that, the lack of a handle is something to be concerned about. The Karnotech REMAX Bluetooth Speaker has you covered in this respect, with a convenient shoulder strap that will let you carry it anywhere that you’re going without a second thought.

Multiple Listening Options

You don’t want to be limited in how you can listen to your music, and with this speaker you have options. Since it is a Bluetooth speaker you can, of course, listen to your music by connecting your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth and streaming your music through the speaker from your device. That isn’t the only way you can listen to music on the speaker, though – this machine also has a built in SD card slot which you can load up with all your favorite songs and leave in the speaker permanently. You can even connect an older device by using the Aux-in port.

Connect the Way You Want

As you can already gather from our above discussion of this speaker, you can connect your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth and you can also connect devices using the Aux-in port – but these aren’t your only options with the speaker. It’s also compatible with NFC technology, which means you can simply tap your device on the NFC reader on the speaker and instantly connect for some great music. If you’ve got a smartphone or tablet that’s NFC compatible, this is a very easy and convenient way to connect with a Bluetooth speaker.

Best Bluetooth Vibration Speaker

Bass Egg VERB Bluetooth Vibration Speaker

We’ve saved the most unique Bluetooth speaker in this guide for last. The Bass Egg VERB Bluetooth Vibration Speaker is in a class all its own – in fact I have no problem saying that I’ve never seen anything quite like it. This speaker has no standard drivers to produce any sound; instead, your music plays via vibration technology using any solid surface. It sends a vibration via transduction to any device with a solid surface, such as your dining room table. It’s an amazing piece of technology which will simply blow you away.

Quick Charge and Long-Lasting

There are lots of Bluetooth devices with pretty impressive battery life, but most of them take a while to charge. This unique little device not only has great battery life, with up to 10 hours, but it also charges very rapidly. It will take you no more than 90 minutes to charge this device, so even if you let the battery run right down it won’t be long until you’re listening to your favorite songs again. In most cases a Bluetooth speaker will take at least 2 to 3 hours to recharge, so this is a significant improvement over other speakers.

Compatible with Most Devices

As a Bluetooth speaker this device allows you to connect smart phones or tablets wirelessly, but it will also connect with older devices, such as record players or older iPods, using its Aux-in port. Just because a device is a little bit older it doesn’t mean you have to discard it, and you won’t have to when you have one of these speakers. It always surprises me when I find a Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t include this type of port, as it seems a little shortsighted to me.

Our Under $100 Reviews

While you can get a decent Bluetooth speaker for under $50 as we’ve already explored elsewhere on this site, your options really do open up when you’re willing to budget up to $100 on a speaker. As you can see from the suggestions we’ve included on this guide, you can get a lot of bang for your buck at this price point. Hopefully the short reviews on this page have given you some serious food for thought and will help you make an informed decision on which speaker is right for you. Good luck!